New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Delivers Jokes, More Joker, Bat Action and More Batman | Film Trailer


Yesterday at the MTV Movie Awards show some of the cast members of DC’s hotly anticipated feel good badass film of the summer, Suicide Squad, unveiled a new trailer.


Set to Ballroom Blitz this time around, the new footage managed to put to rest all the burning questions which came up after news came in that the studio has arranged for some very expensive reshoots, following Batman v Superman criticism.


The trailer opens up with some new scenes featuring Amanda Wallis (Viola Davis) who suggests putting this team together in response to concerns that the government should tale measures against Superman, in case he goes rogue. Then we are treated to a whimsical sequence of the jolly folks who seem to find themselves on the loose after their helicopter crashes.


As you would expect from the bad guys and girls they wreak some havoc, all in a decidedly not mean-spirited fashion that is. We get plenty of laughs and a few money shots, including Captain Boomerang hugging a stuffed pink unicorn, a few new Joker scenes and what seems to be the Caped Crusader carrying Harley or could it be actually Dr. Harleen Quinzel?


Check the trailer below and let us know what you think. Suicide Squad is slated to make its debut on August 5, 2016.




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