New Teaser Poster For ‘High Rise’ | Film News

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New Teaser Poster For ‘High Rise’ | Film News

Ben Wheatley‘s next film has released a new teaser poster that can be seen here in all its crimson glory.




Wheatley is far from a light and fluffy film-maker preferring to tackle darker topics. He masterfully creates a stifling and uncomfortable atmosphere in his previous films Kill List, Down Terrace and A Field in England.


His latest film is based on the book of the same name by J.G Ballard. High Rise is set in 1975 following the plight of Tom Hiddleston‘s Dr. Robert Laing as he moves into the eponymous high-rise looking for a bit of peace and quiet but witnesses the debauched decay of this micro-society when the power goes out. The film also stars Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller and Luke Evans.


The film hits cinemas September 13, 2016 and you can remind yourself of the stylish teaser trailer below:




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