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From the trailer alone, Creative Control looks like Spike Jonze‘s Her meets an episode of Charlie Brooker‘s Black Mirror, in that it isn’t afraid to depict the darker side to the human nature and how this influences our use of the rapidly advancing technologies at our disposal.


Written and directed by Benjamin Dickinson, Creative Control is a satirical take on modern tech culture that provides us with a glimpse, albeit a rather dark one, of how technology influences the different aspects our lives; for better and for worse.


Creative Control is set in the not so distant future and tells the story of David (Benjamin Dickinson), an overworked advertising executive responsible for creating a marketing campaign for ‘Augmenta’, a new generation pair of Augmented Reality glasses. Dissatisfied with his current relationship, he uses the glasses to create a life-like avatar of his best friends’ girlfriend, thus beginning a downward spiral of confusion and the blurring of fantasy and reality.


The film, highly acclaimed at last years SXSW Film Festival, stars Benjamin Dickinson, Dan Gill, Reggie Watts, Himanshu Suri and Alexia Rasmussen.


Creative Control opens in cinemas March 11, 2016.




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