New Trailer Released For ‘Battle Of The Sexes’ | Film Trailer



Battle of the Sexes oozes drama and screams seventies in the newly released trailer that sees Emma Stone and Steve Carell go head to head on court.


The film is based on true events of 1973 that saw tennis legend Bobby Riggs challenge Billie Jean King, convinced of female inferiority. The spectacle promised $100,000 for the winner but for King, there was a lot more on the line, and the film helps depict her pursuit of women’s rights and equality both in and out of the sport.


Steve Carell looks uncanny as Bobby Riggs and echoes the comedic tone the tennis star was known for. It’ll be interesting to see how Stone tackles such a different role, especially coming off the back of her Best Actress Oscar win for La La Land. Alan Cumming and Sarah Silverman also star.


Battle of the Sexes could also be a likely Oscar winner; the film is directed by Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton of critically acclaimed Little Miss Sunshine, and the film’s release times well for award season. From the trailer alone, performances seem to be strong and the film has the right balance between serious and funny to be a success.


Battle of the Sexes hits UK cinemas October 20. Catch the trailer below:




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