New Trailer Released For ‘Bombshell’ Starring Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie And Charlize Theron | Film Trailer


On Tuesday, a new trailer for the movie Bombshell was released on Youtube. The movie features an amazing cast, with actresses Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and Charlize Theron as protagonists.


The trailer presents the main topic of the movie, that is the true story of how Roger Ailes, Fox News founder, was brought down by sexual harassment allegations. The movie is also linked to the #MeToo movement and to accusations of sexual abuse Donald Trump has faced in the last years.


While Kidman and Theron will appear as two of the women who took on Ailes with accusations of sexual harassment, Robbie will interpret a fictional character, who gathers the experiences of a number of real-life women.


The production of the movie was followed by a great number of interviews with ex-Fox staffers. Charlize Theron, starring as Megyn Kelly and looking unrecognizable, talked about the movie during an interview.


“It was very important to me that we set out on a road of whatever the greater truth is and stayed on that road and that we never veered and tried to make her sympathetic or to try and persuade people to like her or to think that she was a hero or a good person, that we just told the truth of what her story was,” Theron said. She also added: “I have no interest in playing heroes”.


Bombshell will hit theaters in US in December and in the UK in January.


Watch the new trailer below:




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