New Trailer Released For Coronavirus Thriller ‘Safer At Home’ | Film Trailer


The upcoming movie Safer At Home is inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, the worst health crisis of the century. Everything happens in 2022, two years into the lockdown and the world finds a new strain of the virus that is three times more deadly and contagious. Let’s hope the movie won’t reflect into reality. It starts with a group of friends in quarantine that decide to take their trip to Vegas via Zoom.


They reunite to play games and drink, but they take an ecstasy pill for “one night with no consequences” and the film takes a dark turn, because the drug was something much stronger than MDMA and affected each differently, one of the couples starts having an argument until the man commits a crime while the friends are watching live. Now he is on the run and the outside world doesn’t seem as scary.


The camera operations capture the character’s emotions of desperation, the friends that witnessed something horrible without being able to do anything, and the main character that ruined his whole life in one night. At the same time, the director Will Wernick creates two very extreme changes of moods for the public watching, from normality to complete chaos.


The cast of Safer At Home includes Alisa Allapach, Adwin Brow, Emma Lahana, Dan J. Johnson, Michael Kupisk, and Daniel Robaire. So if you like realistic thrillers movies, this one will released on February 26.


Watch the trailer below:




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