New US Supreme Court Ruling Allows Trump To Block Asylum Seekers | Politics


“BIG United States Supreme Court WIN for the Border on Asylum!”, Donald Trump tweeted after the Supreme Court‘s decision to allow the administration to enforce a July rule blocking most asylum-seeking migrants from entering the United States while they wait in Mexico. In July, the law was blocked by a judge in San Francisco, but now that the previous appeal has been overturned, Trump has gained a political victory.


The new law establishes that those who want to reach the United States by crossing the Mexican border are, first of all, obliged to seek asylum in Mexico. Then, if the request is rejected, asylum seekers will be able to ask for it in the United States. This immigration plan aims to block migrants at the frontiers, particularly anyone “who entered, attempted to enter or arrived in the United States across the southern border on or after July 16, 2019”.


Those who suffer most from this decree are Central American citizens coming from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to escape poverty and violence. They must pass through Mexico to enter the South border of the United States, but most of them are now stuck. According to USCIS officials, the number of pending asylum cases has soared to more than 330,000.


“Each person, each family, is going to have to decide for themselves how hard they’re willing to fight for asylum, how long they’re able to fight, what resources they can muster. It’s a guessing game right now”, said Traci Feit Love, executive director of Lawyers for Good Government, which provides legal assistance to migrants.



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