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For more than three years, the Australian singer Vance Joy had not released a solo single. It’s with “Missing Piece” that he makes his big comeback. A single that also served, shortly after its release, to set the tone for Dr Jackson Avery’s farewell in the Grey’s Anatomy series.


“Missing Piece” is a love song about finally finding the missing piece, as the title suggests. Vance’s voice is very melancholic and the musical accompaniment directly conveys emotions of varying intensity to the listener. It was during his confinement in Melbourne – while his girlfriend was confined in Spain – that Vance wrote this song.


This is probably why Kasey Truman, the musical supervisor of Grey’s Anatomy, chose this song. She was looking for the perfect song to help Dr. Avery, played by Jesse Williams, make his exit. The song brings just the right amount of nostalgia and also reflects the love affair between the Doctor and April Kepner perfectly.


“We needed the quintessential, uplifting song that makes everyone feel hopeful, nostalgic and emotional, all at the same time”, Truman says.


“I had met both [Joy] and his manager back [in 2013], and when people are kind and talented, they stay on your radar forever. I sent the song down to our team; the editors and producers loved it, adjusted the order of some of the scenes, and magic was created. I still get chills when I see the sequence with ‘Missing Piece’ playing through, it’s such a special song. These are the moments you are so grateful to be a part of”, she added.


“Missing Piece” is accompanied by a moving video by Australian director Annelise Hickey, in which Vance Joy’s love interest goes to great lengths to bring him his lunch.


You can watch the video below.




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