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Singer and songwriter Emmi has been fairly around the world. Born in the UK, raised in Australia, and now based in New York, she has just released a personal and emotional single titled “Drum”. The song is the first offering from Emmi’s forthcoming concept project Players, a collection of epic pop songs inspired by the characters of Shakespeare’s plays.


“Drum” starts off easy, with electronic sounds and a violin, and straight-away goes into an energetic song, with a good rhythm that makes the listener follow. Near the chorus, it slows down and backing singers accompany Emmi through her emotional and honest lyrics. The orchestra really brings the emotions here, the right dimension, and drama vibe to the track.


But the song is more than a vibe or a genre, it is a much more personal message from Emmi to herself here. She has been struggling with being herself whether it is in her work or sharing her own opinions with others. As the lyrics goes: “Step into the spotlight, don’t be so shy“. But as the song continues, it seems she regaining her self-confidence.


Written by Emmi herself and produced by BAYB (Ben Harrisson and Ibrahim Asmar), the track “Drum” bolts into a gothic drama which was the goal here and especially with her music video, where we see the singer and her crew that are like the witches from Macbeth and really set the world around the pop singer.


Emmi’s early singles earned her praise from Taylor Swift and Elton John, but also big magazines like The Guardian, Billboard and many more. She already found success with one of her previous tracks “Sleep On It”, which was in the top 10 Global/US Viral charts on Spotify and in 2016, she won MTV’s ‘Brand New Artist’ honor in Australia and New Zealand.


Emmi also has two platinum-selling co-writes to her name, Sonny Alven’s “Our Youth” and Feder’s “Blind”. During this same time period, she also landed a movie role and took a pause from music. Emmi returns in 2021 and with what will surely have one of 2021’s most inventive pop albums.


Watch her video for “Drum” here:




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