New York Indie Band Meyru Unveil New Single ‘Playing This Alone’

Meyru are an indie band coming out of New York and “Playing This Alone” is the name of their new single and the first taste of their upcoming album. The songs sees the band collaborating with Sam Skinner (Pinegrove, Forth Wanderers) and long-time collaborator, Brooklyn based producer Cal Maro, and it comes on the back of two years of touring and writing.

Led by swing rhythms, sweeping guitar lines and yearning vocals, “Playing This Alone” brings a timeless lovelorn feeling with it, as it tells a tale of an imbalanced relationship between someone who doesn’t know what they want and a partner who expects the world.

According to the band, the song is the kind of track that will soundtrack a classic young-love scenario where neither person quite knows what they’re doing or how to handle the emotions that they are experiencing.

“Playing This Alone” is the first piece of music from the band since their self-recorded debut album Good To See You and the breakthrough single “She” that came out of that project. It gives fans a taste of what to expect from their next album, which the band say has been recorded entirely live, to bring out the true energy of their live shows. The album is about a band finding its footing in the vibe of live recording.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Playing This Alone”, Meyru say, “‘Playing This Alone’ was written about how relationships in your 20s can often feel like one big game. Sometimes it feels like we’re all just bending and changing for someone we want or wasting each others time just for fun. Hate that, but we all do it too.

It’s heavy hitting and written in a 6-8 time signature which gives it a real 50s feel. Something we’ve done a few times on this album. My favorite line has always been ‘Do you still feel young? Or am I playing this game alone?’ – basically wondering if we’re all still fooling around or if I’m still the only one refusing the grow up”.

Listen to “Playing This Alone” below:


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