New York Singer Drea Releases New R&B Single ‘Ritual’ | Music News


New York based R&B singer and songwriter Drea has released the first single titled “Ritual” off her forthcoming EP Ocean Avenue. The song her homage to soul and R&B.


Drea, also known as Andrea LeClerc, stands out with her smooth and gentle voice. She delivers a classic R&B sound with neo-soul, alternative and indie influences which often reminds of big icons such as Joss Stone, Mariah Carey and Ari Lennox.


She began with singing lessons when she was only 5 years old and grew up in a household of music lovers. “It’s funny now, because other than that the rest of my family members love country, and more rock/blues-leaning stuff, like Fleetwood Mac/Tom Petty. So, my sound is sort of like if Mariah Carey were to do a cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac” Andrea explains


“Ritual” is a feel-good song that gives off positive energy. Drea’s warm vocal line meets with an inviting rhythm section. “That sapphire in your eyes, has got me mesmerized. You got magic in your soul, I’mma love you like a ritual”, Drea sings in the chorus.


The song conserves a nostalgic feeling and offers a first glimpse into the upcoming project Ocean Avenue. Listen to the R&B tune below.




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