New Zealand Artist Vijay Strickland Unveils New Single ‘You’re So Distant’ | Music News


New Zealand singer Vijay Strickland has released a brand new single titled “You’re So Distant”, accompanied by a band composed of an electric guitar, drums, trumpet and Vijay’s voice. We can also hear some backing singers in the mix. We could easily listen to this song during a summer evening – it is very calming and rhythmic at the same time.


The song talks about a relationship, it seems like this relation is ended, with Strickland reminiscing over some good thoughts of this love story. In the end, it is quite a sad story and lyrics to this song, as the singer questions himself on the reasons for her leave, the memories that could have lasted.


The track is a 60s soul-inspired, with a guitar and dramatic horn lines that outline the lyrics of a fading lover. The singer seems to hit a wall and the lover is just out of reach. Playfully sad but upbeat and laid back reminding us not to take ourselves and our heartbreaks too seriously.


The single “You’re So Distant” was produced by retro-soul instrumentalist Joel Sarakula featuring Eric Johnson and Ben Caiazza of the Los Angeles band Thee Sinseers, a mix of producers that makes it perfect for this song.


Vijay Strickland is a New Zealand artist but lives in London. Always having music in his life, he started music as a DJ when he was a teenager, by the time he was 20 figured he wanted to live his passion. Started to play guitar again, singing and writing songs.


Feeling like he needed only guitar and a good voice, he spent the next several years working on his voice and exploring the soul, folk, and reggae music to figure which music style suit him best. After moving to London to experience what life was like on the other side of the world, started writing songs with this vintage soul to his style.


Listen to the mesmerizing track here.




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