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Abigail Knudson professionally known as MISSY has announced the release of her latest single “Petty” from her upcoming album.


She is a New Zealand singer and songwriter who has been described as “If Kate Bush and Brian Eno had a baby”. She describes her music as a “distinctive, idiosyncratic blend of electro-baroque goth-pop” and we couldn’t put it any better ourselves.


Her new single “Petty” is a slice of her upcoming collection of work coming out this year year, and it comes with a music video, which has been directed by Swap Gomez (The Umbrella Creative), and it sees a red-veiled MISSY shadowing people.


The single is about the immaturity of the situation when people met somebody fully compatible for the first time, as well as all the negative aspect of the relationship full of passion. Self-destruction and the fear are at the centre of the song. Most people are leaving great relations faster than bad ones an dMissy tried to deconstruct these situations.


On “Pety”, we can notice the possible influences of well-known artists like Lana Del Ray’s “Video Games” vibes, and Billie Eilish. This single has created a unique soundscape and the rhythmic of the song helps to get all the captivation needed by her audience. She has the power to create something special which is very charming and mesmerizing.


Listen to “Petty” here:




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