Newcomer Hongza Shares Emotional Debut Single ‘Gone’ | Music News


Singer and songwriter Sam Hong, further known as Hongza, has released his debut single “Gone” on July 8. The song is perfect for all broken hearted people and marks Hongza’s first step into his solo career.


Hongza is from North London and has been active as a musician before. The 23-year-old previously lead Shoegaze band DAZE and shared stages with the likes of Cassia, Larkins and Lana. Now he’s creating his own musical identity.


“Gone” is Hongza’s big breakup anthem and comes with a mix of indie and ambient sounds. His voice is clear and powerful. “I’m all on my own, it’s only my fault”, he sings in the brutally honest and emotional lyrics. Furthermore he merges the tones of shoegaze and emotional pop creating a sonic powerhouse.


Hongza added stirred guitar riffs as well, which support the lyrics in a rough way. He manages to express what many people may feel, but can’t tell anybody. Sometimes you have these moments where you just want to be alone, suffering and pitying yourself.


Gone was a tough song to write. It’s about the tough moments during the begin stages of a break-up where in the first 24 hours a person can do something really stupid to hurt your significant other because you’re blinded by the pain”, Hongza states about the track. Listen to “Gone” below.




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