NF – All I Have | Music Video


Introducing you to Hip-Hop/Alternative artist Nate Feuerstein who performs as NF, and has released the highly anticipated video for his track “All I Have” taken from his self-titled EP. NF is as honest as they come, rapping about his real life struggles, from being abused, struggling with anger issues and losing his mother to a drug overdose, it is really good to see him use the negatives and turn them into positives with real great music, he has also been described as a gospel rapper with him being committed to being a positive example of how to turn our trials into testimonies, through the genuine pursuit of God and in doing so, minister to people through real music.


“All I Have” is full of raw emotion and passion, NF has a very tight flow and all of his lyrics have meaning, many will catch you off guard and you will be sitting there after listening still thinking about the lyrics you have heard. I predict big things for this young man, and it’s great to have a positive influence within the Hip Hop scene tackling real issues rather than the usual women, cars and money. Check out “All I Have” below.




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