Nia Vardalos To Star As Internet Celebrity Mum In ‘Suburbs Famous’ | TV News


Emojis, The Secret, and now memes; it appears Hollywood can adapt absolutely anything, but this time, there might be something of quality on the horizon. Nia Vardalos is co-writing and will star in Suburbs Famous, a dramedy chronicling life after becoming a viral sensation.


In more detail, the series will explore what happens after a suburban housewife suddenly becomes an internet celebrity from a viral video. The newly divorced mum, thrust into the world of relative fame, is forced to “navigate between the intense public scrutiny which could destroy her and the investors who want to make her a star“. The initial ease of fame sees the mum hungry for power.


Bravo are currently developing the series, to be produced by Tony Krantz under Flame Ventures. Mike Variano (Raising Hope) co-writes and executive produces alongside Untitled Entertainment’s Jennifer Levine and Stephanie Simon.


Vardalos has said that she got the idea for the project last year, when she was on a morning show that also featured Chewbacca Mom. 37-year-old Texan Candace Payne shot to internet fame when she posted a video of her laughing in a Chewbacca mask. You can’t help but laugh along with her, and its easy to see how the post went viral.


Nia Vardalos said, she “wanted to explore the concept of sudden fame for someone who isn’t prepared and doesn’t want it, for someone who gets power and doesn’t know what to do with it“. She shares some of the sentiment, having shot to fame overnight following the release of masterpiece comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


Vardalos went from being unrecognisable, to being followed by cameras, but still “worked hard to maintain [her] normal, average life every day, not wanting a personal assistant for example”. “You have struggles to maintain your ethics, morals and friendships,” she says, and this will make for perhaps tense viewing when translated on the show.


Suburbs Famous, while inspired by Chewbacca Mom, will not be based on it, but for a good laugh, watch the clip below.




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