Nicholas Cage Teams Up With ‘Borat’ Director For Osama Bin Laden Movie | Film News


Nicholas Cage is well known for his off the wall, usually terrible, roles within contemporary cinema and I’ve got a feeling this up and coming project is going to be another one. The Weinstein Company has bagged the distribution rights to Army Of One, a film to be made by Borat director Larry Charles. According to Joblo, the flick already has a screen play by Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph, but will actually be ‘semi-scripted’, making it likely that Charles is shooting within a similar style to his work with Sacha Baron Cohen.


Based on a GQ article, Army Of One tells the story of Colorado construction worker, Gary Faulkner, who took it upon himself to try and locate Osma Bin Laden. With the true story seeing Faulkner trying to get into Afghanistan and Pakistan multiple times, I can only imagine the comedic lengths Cage will go to, in order to represent this on screen. While I have very little confidence that this film is going to be a knockout, there is a small glimmer of hope that lies in my soft spot for Cage, hoping he’ll pull out a cracking comedic performance. Maybe. With filming slated to start at the begining of March, Army Of One is expected to hit theatres by the end of the year.



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