Nicholas Hoult Expresses Frustration With Superhero Films | Film News



Famous for his roles in the recent Mad Max: Fury Road and X-Men films, Nicholas Hoult is proving to be a talented young actor in Hollywood. Yet despite the financial success of X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past, Hoult has expressed annoyance in the way that superhero films are being produced.


In an interview with NME, while promoting his new film Kill Your Friends, Hoult remarked on why he feels comic book superhero films were setting a comfortable, unambitious precedent for the genre; “At times I’ll see superhero movies and admittedly be frustrated by them. It does feel like some are just packaging and they’re not trying hard enough because they know it’s a bankable formula”.


With the current state of the genre, Nicholas Hoult nails it on the head. More and more of these films are being made in the same structure, with the same ambitions that always seek to meet audience expectations rather than surprising them. But as Nicholas says, it makes money.



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