Nick Murphy Releases Short Film ‘Missing Link’ | Music News


The last year seen a lot of big changes for the artist formerly known as Chet Faker. The Australian singer-songwriter dropped his alias, packed his bags and moved to New York as Nick Murphy, retiring from the alter ego he had released music under for half a decade.



In tribute to 2017 as a “year of risk and exploration”, he has released a short film with director and friend Johann Rashid. Named after and accompanied by his five track EP Missing Link, the clip stars Murphy amidst an composition of colours, textures and spaces that attest to Rashid’s skills as an artist and director.



In a way that is both creative and compelling, the film is narrated by a self-help audio guide that Murphy listens to throughout, advising him to look for his “truest self” in order to find direction – Art imitating life perhaps?


Give it a watch if you have eight minutes to spare –  a small reminder for what’s come in the new album we’ve been promised in 2018.



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