Nigerian American Rap Artist Ayotemi Returns With New Track ‘Peon’

Peon” is the new single from Maryland-based Nigerian American rap artist Ayotemi, which is taken from his upcoming debut album titled Indigo Rap that is set for release next year. It comes in a bid to build on recent success that Ayotemi has garnered this year on the back of singles such as “Amazing 432”, “Detour” and “New Jam”.

The new track “peon” and the Indigo Rap album comes directly from Ayotemi’s recent collaboration with Bonsai Collective producer Foolie $urfin on his last single “New Jam”. Following that track, both minds combined to create a complete body of work that is set to be released via LA-based label Good Society.

They describe “peon” as a soulful come-up tune about embracing your inner power and strength, with which Ayotemi uses to manifest how he projects his life and career will grow in the future. The track is driven by bouncy beat arrangements that truly bring the track to life.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “peon”, Ayotemi says, “​​My royalty came with my perspective shift. When I began to love myself and honor my authentic power I was able to raise my power level. That’s what I want to show youth like me. You are worthy, you are loved, and you are chosen! Don’t doubt yourself, your ideas or your gifts.

‘Stay Grounded, Stay Golden. Mountains and rivers will move over you.’ This line means that which seems immovable will move. That which seems impossible will happen. Everything will morph to fit the mold of your movement. When you are in alignment with your inner indigo. Grounded and golden”.

Listen to “peon” below:


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