Nigerian American Songstress Tina Rix Releases New Track ‘Soul Weep’

Nigerian-American singer Tina Rix has releases a new track where she narrates an abusive relationship. The track titled “Soul Weep” is a healing sentiment. She takes her mental health into consideration when she writes her songs and she takes her own experiences to write songs that will aid others.

She talks about the track stating that the song is about marriage or a relationship gone bad. Half of the couple had narcissistic personality disorder characteristics while the other half was an empath who over nurtures and is highly sensitive. “Soul Weep” is about an abused person waking up from their slumber and having to confront the love they’re walking away from.

Tina Rix is a licensed psychotherapist, doctoral student, group practice outpatient mental health clinic owner, award-winning film director and an independent recording artist. She advocates for mental health and she sends important messages through her film projects and music.

She also wants to help other young artists that come into the music industry and feel lost among all the other super talented artists in the industry. Her wish and desire is to touch other people in a positive and impactful way with music.

Listen to “Soul Weep” now:


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