Nightmare Boy – Chivalry Is Alive And Well And Living In Glasgow | Music Video


Barrie-James O’Neill, aka NiGHTMARE BOY, is best know for his collaborations with Lana Del Rey, as well as for being her ex-boyfriend. NiGHTMARE BOY is his solo project and has recently shared the official video for his single “Chivalry Is Alive And Well And Living In Glasgow“, starring  Holly Marilyn Solem from the TV show Hand of God. The clip features O’Neill hand-tied on a chair, singing to a Solem dancing around him in a red-lighted room.


You can’t deny the song’s got a thing. NiGHTMARE BOY’s upcoming album will be released later this year, produced by Rob Schnapf and Jim Abbiss. It will also feature a collaboration with Del Rey titled “Riverside“. Watch “Chivalry Is Alive And Well And Living In Glasgow” directed by Joe Rubalcaba below.




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