Nikki Reed Talks About Sustainable Fashion And Animal-Friendly Handbag Line | Fashion News

Nikki Reed


The first installment of Rolling Stone’s new video series, Momentum: A Day in the Life focuses on actress Nikki Reed and her approach to sustainable fashion. The Twilight star has teamed up with Freedom of Animals CEO Morgan Bogle to create a line of animal-friendly handbags.


Reed explains that fashionable accessories should not be manufactured at the cost of animals. “Everything we make leaves some sort of footprint and is destructive in some way, so it’s about lessening that”, she says in the video. “Why not give people options to at least decrease the amount of destruction?”


Rolling Stone’s new series presents the busy lives of influential young celebrities, such as Reed, offering viewers a sneak peek into their hectic schedule. Reed also comments on her success saying, “I am where I am right now because I am an extremely hard worker, but I also think circumstance helps that. I wonder if there’s a certain level of simplicity that maybe encourages happiness or the sense of being content.”


Head to Rolling Stone to watch the video and learn all about Nikki Reed’s sustainable handbag line.




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