Nilufer Yanya – Baby Luv | New Music


In anticipation of her upcoming UK tour and new musical project, West London indie R&B crooner Nilufer Yanya has released a new single, “Baby Luv”. Sticking to her signature raw and indie-tinged vocals, Yanya provides a delicate, almost lullaby-like study of her own feelings and reflections.Ni


When asked about the specific meaning of the track, Yanya responded, “I’m still working out what this song means exactly. There’s a lot of questioning going on, I keep asking myself the same question- but it has a different meaning each time I ask it and which I still don’t have an answer for”. Yanya’s response is characteristic of her music’s meandering and thoughtful qualities that are often meditations on social and personal issues.


Be sure to catch Nilufer Yanya on her UK tour starting October 7 in Manchester. Check out the single “Baby Luv” below and stream on Spotify.




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