Nilüfer Yanya – In Your Head | Music Video


Look forward to big things with Nilüfer Yanya, as she’ll be releasing her debut album Miss Universe on 22 March, but if you can’t wait that long, check out her new song “In Your Head”, which released today.


The singer has a truly unique voice, deep and slightly melancholic, but with an upbeat tune to back her up. The singer speaks from the heart, with lyrics like:


“I’ve hit bottom rock, swear I’m telling the truth
But down here I’m dark and confused, oh
Though I cannot tell if I’m paranoid
Or if it’s all in my head, all in my head
No signal out here, my thoughts are my noise
What would he say right now if he had a choice?
Though I cannot tell, and I’d like to know
What’s going on in your head, on in your head”


As well as the chorus, which empowers her own beliefs:


“I can think what I want
I can feel what I feel”


The song comes after the release of “Heavyweight Champion Of The Year”, which released in November 2018, and “In Your Head” clearly progresses from a line from “Heavyweight”:


“This is the bar where I can’t think for myself”


breaking free from this confinement, Yanya truly comes into her own, and we look forward to her European tour later this spring.




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