Nina Nesbitt – Loyal To Me | Music Video


Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt is giving boys’ advice in the music video for her last single “Loyal To Me“. Nesbitt dresses up in pink and dons her best ballet shoes, serving some serious dance moves.


The song was born from the singer’s personal experience, as she recounts that “I wrote this song for my best friend who was dating a guy who didn’t have her best intentions at heart. I think often when we like someone we can make excuses for their behaviour and be blinded to who they really are”.


So girls, if your guy is not giving you the attention you deserve, take Nesbitt’s advice and “tell him I got somewhere else to be/ I don’t lose my head for nobody“.


The singer has been busy touring all this past year and performing at every major music festival in the UK. Since her first album, Peroxide debuted at number one in Scotland and 11 in the UK, Nesbitt has undergone some major changes in her career.


After leaving her record label, she signed with the independent label Cooking Vinyl, and went on to release several top charting singles, in the wait for her sophomore album.


“Loyal To Me” was released on August 10, and now the official music video has been unveiled, pushing the song even further. The song is a pop, R&B cut that, according to the singer, draws from the 90s’-00s’ music. The vibe is similar to that of British group Little Mix, except that Nina serves as a solo act.


Personally I found the song to be a fresh welcome and with some well-deserved female empowering lines. If this is a small bite out of Nina’s next album, I can’t wait to hear the rest of it.


Watch the music video below:




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