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American rapper Nipsey Hussle has decided to close out the year with a fresh new single titled “Perfect Timing”.


The single was produced by Sap and Mike & Keys and features West Coast G-Funk-like synths and percussions. “Perfect Timing” captures Hussle in triumph mode as he raps: “Felt it in my stomach, I was just unique. We decided we gon’ let these digits speak”.


Back in 2005, the rapper released his debut mixtape Slauson Boy and since then, has been steady rising up the ladder in Hip Hop, dropping a total of 12 mixtapes along the way, culminating in his new album Victory Lap.


Hussle had finally shared a studio debut album, titled Victory Lap which has landed on the 10 Best Albums Of The Year in most critics’ lists. A sudden yet successful return of the rap artist that surprised his fans.


The project has been inspired by Hussle’s love for his hometown Los Angeles and the neighbourhood he grew up in:


“Basketball and Crenshaw, you can’t separate them. It’s all part of the culture that made me. Same way hip-hop is. Same way Impalas and El Caminos and El Dorados is. The Rollin 60s. Purple Kush. Death Row Records. Same way palm trees is, you know what I’m saying? It’s all part of the culture I was steeped in”, Hussle had shared in a piece he wrote for The Players Tribune.


Make sure to check out the new single below.




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