NIve – Liberated | Music Video


Korean American singer-songwriter NIve carries the banner for inspiring his listeners slow down, express themselves, and find comfort through his music. No better example than with latest single “Liberated,” dedicated to empowering others through hardships.


“Liberated” is a beautifully moving anthem of hope and consolation for anyone who is facing their fair share of trials and hardships. Incorporating breath-taking acoustic guitar strums in sync with a plethora of deep percussion sets the tone for the track. “Liberated” soars as a captivating, rallying pop tune, with NIve’s beautiful vocals floating above the arrangement.


With this new release comes a beautifully vivid story of liberation in visual form. Interpreting what it means to be in mental and emotional bondage, we see resolution in the end as the protagonist finds freedom to a beautiful world that awaits before them.


A talented songwriter and hitmaker, he has penned major tracks including “Beautiful Goodbye” for CHEN from K-Pop boyband EXO, which debuted at #1 in 45 countries. His debut single “Who I Am” received tons of support from the likes of Billboard and AllKPop, hitting #1 in nine countries in Asia. NIve clearly has a firm grasp in other territories around the world.



NIve’s star is surely rising, as he follows the list of incredibly talented musicians from the Asian continent ready to really shake up the industry.



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