Noah Cyrus – Lonely | Music Video


Following the summer release of her song “July”, 19-year-old singer Noah Cyrus is back with a touching new music video for her new track “Lonely“.


The minimalist and black and white clip fits perfectly with the style of the song, which was released a few days ago. As the name may suggest, the song is about a deep feeling of loneliness, depression and internal anxiety. The record is connected to the singer’s experience and expresses a dark time in her life.


The emotional video strongly conveys these themes and her harrowing experience. The singer appears alone in an empty colourless space. Slowly, people start to appear, but they are like ghosts, and the singer cannot get in touch with them, despite her begging. Noah starts floating upwards, but none can help her out.


This scene reflects the singer’s depression and her feeling not to be understood. Cyrus said that she knows that “sometimes there can be dozens of people around you but you still feel lonely. I wanted the video to show what it could really feel like”.


Co-director Symone Ridgell expressed her thoughts about the song and revealed that the people, who appeared in the video, are part of the Los Angeles LGBT Center: “It’s about vulnerability, trauma and dropping your facade, but also about human connection and finding strength among others (one of the many reasons it felt particularly powerful to work with the Los Angeles LGBT Center)”.


She then added “Lyrically, Noah’s music is always strikingly raw, and for this song, a video that reflects that is the only kind that could be justified to accompany it”.


The final product is surely mindblowing and touching. We can feel Noah’s struggle and we appreciate that she managed to talk about it honestly.




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