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Psychedelic music takes on a new form with the musical touch of Nolan Garrett. He was raised in Tacoma, Washington, but it is has been only in United Kingdom that he grew up musically. There, he challenged himself by trying to find the perfect sounds that could respond to his musical identity. He fully understood his personal sound, by only practicing with a DIY approach at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.


His musical discovery begins at an early age, when as a teenager he started riding the stages by performing own blues-rock and grunge-inspired songs. The stage has became the only place where he could be what he wanted, in a deep experience of liberation. It is still the place where he can personally feel the impact of his audience on his public, in a shared experience.


It is possible to feel the results of his sensitive and personal approach to music through his latest single “Hopeful”. As soon as the words “I’m still hopeful” emerge from the flow, his voice takes the listener away in an involving stream of consciousness, which is very rare to find elsewhere.


The guitars play softly with his voice that comes directly from his subconscious and sings gently reaching the highest notes. He is not afraid to show a reflective and delicate side of himself that is easy to perceive while being dragged into a light of melted instruments, not to be missed.


Listen to the song below:




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