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Swedish alt-pop powerhouse NONONO has just shared their brand new single today titled “Lost Song” via Warner Music Sweden.


Earlier in September 2017, the trio which consists Tobias Jimson (Astma), Michel Flygare (Rocwell) and Stina Wäppling made a return with a track called “Masterpiece”. It was the group’s first song since their breakthrough 2014 LP, We Are Only What We Feel, which featured the big song “Pumpin Blood”.


Followed by their achievement of the debut record, the Stockholm trio decided to take 18 months out to focus on their personal things. Tobias and Michel took the decision to get back in the studio and picked up their producing careers while working with artists such as Madonna, Maroon 5, Tove Lo and Zara Larsson.


Compared to Tobias and Michel, Stina saw the opportunity to do something different, and went to India, what she calls her second home. During her time there she lived in a hippie community named Auroville where she was meditating, breathing, listening to and gathering new sounds. Stinas time generally in Asia made her excited to bring all the new experiences and feelings into the music making process.


Stina describes what their new single is about and what the actual meaning of “Lost Song” is, “Tobias played the track for Lost song to me in the car when I had just returned from India and I remember feeling really stunned by the fact that it mirrored a lot of the feelings and emotions that had surrounded me in that country so far from home”.


“The song is about losing and regaining trust in life. Having the cornerstones of my belief system crushed but finding trust in the basics of being, like being a tree or the way a child just is. To me this is a very powerful and healing feeling and I hope it can reach and translate to anyone who is listening”.


Listen to the amazing single “Lost Song” by NONONO here.




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