North London Rapper Zarco Releases Brand New Single ‘The Edge’ | Music News


North London rap artist Zarco has taken us by storm with his latest single “The Edge”. The music has a slightly mystical effect with the introduction, where we hear a philosopher talking about the concept of a broken glass over a meditative trap background.


This is followed by a woman’s voice singing the refrain and blending in perfectly with the musical background. Then comes the singular voice of Zarco in a calm rap. All of this over this instrumental worthy of a great relaxing rap track.


Zarco conveys a strong message in this single. It is about people who, in order to forget their problems, try to improve themselves but once they reach their destination, it does not meet their expectations.


Born and raised in North London to Jamaican parents, music has always been an important part of the rapper’s life. His parents played music ranging from R&B to reggae to rap, and this is also where Zarco gets his musical influence from.


In addition to being an artist, Zarco also leads SONSÍAI Entertainment, a collective of artists whose members include Reya Eve, who has already collaborated with the rapper on the song “Wave”.


You can listen to “The Edge” just below.




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