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North London-based singer and songwriter KATJA has shared her brand new single “LadyMoon”. The dreamy, soulful track comes with influences from different genres and marks another step in the career of the young musician.


KATJA always had a passion for music which also became a creative outlet and a soul therapy for her. She started small with performing in a restaurants while being a student until she grew with further acts. One highlight was the hosting club night in Cambridge alongside well-known DJ’s such as DJ EZ and Zed Bias.


She also had the chance to play shows with the dubstep producers Dusk & Blackdown formed the electronic-soul group Goldaka, which played at several events across London and Brighton.


Then she went on to release two singles with Brighton producer Intent, before pursuing her own solo music production. KATJA had an exciting time, traveling through Spain and Portugal in a caravan, only concentrating on her own skills and music.


When she returned from her travels, she immediately wrote the single “LadyMoon” which captures all her music influences at its best. Her genre-breaking style of music usually presents an eclectic mix of dubstep, garage, house, hip hop, jazz and soul.


“LadyMoon” shows us a more soulful and jazz-leading side of the young talent with downtempo electronica and R&B influences. The emotive lyrics touch on spirituality and wistfulness, expressing melancholy and thoughtfulness by rich vocals.


’LadyMoon is an expression of love felt, love lost, and love lingering. Sometimes a connection with a person goes deeper than romance, sex, friendship…and when there´s something spiritual between two people, it hits you deep“ KATJA, who is currently working on her upcoming album, says about her latest release.


Listen to the deep and soulful tune below!




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