Norway And Italy Rule The Eighth Day Of The Venezia Film Festival | Film News


Norway and Italy have provided us with two of the favourites to win at this year’s Venezia Film Festival. Norway has brought a tragic story about a terroristic event happened in Utoya. 22 July is a Netflix production and it is expected to be a huge success not only because of the subject but for the work of the previously awarded director Paul Greengrass.



Nuestro Tiempo is a love story set in farm in Mexico. The interesting thing about their love story is that they are actually trying to have a causal relationship. The cast includes Natalie Lopez and it is directed by Carlos Reygadas.


I Villeggianti is another movie from Italy which is included in the competition. A long awaited movie, it stars one of the most successful actor-directors in the Italian cinema in Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (La Pazza Gioia).


Also in the cast are Riccardo Scamarcio and Valeria Golino. The story revolves around Anna who comes back to her summer house to deal with the breaking up with her fiancé while doing that she starts writing a movie script.




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