Now Now – SGL | Music Video


Now Now have just released their new music video for “SGL”, The Minneapolis-based duo unveil this new single after three years of silence, and their plans for the new album are still under wraps.


Talking about their future, the duo said: “We can’t go too much into it because there’s nothing we can technically say because everything is up in the air at this exact moment. Literally, every element of it other than the songs themselves is up in the air. Every day is a new journey of where it might go or might not go. For me, in my life, love has been my religion. I’m not into any type of religion, but I’ve always been guided by love.”


“SGL” video has been directed by Alexa San Román and shows Now Now walking and dancing in the desert. The sunset lights and the singer’s pink hair create a mystical imagine.


The new single is much more mature than the duo’s previous songs, talking about his personal evolution Jess Abbott said: “I feel more confident and more like myself than I ever have”. “SGL” is a good song that featuring different elements: a clipped acoustic guitar progression, subtle vocal manipulation and slowly-building layers of atmospheric guitar effects.


While we look forward to discovering whether a new album will arrive soon, we can enjoy this track below.




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