Nurse Out On Bail After Baby Deaths Inquiry | Politics


After her arrest on the suspicion of murdering 8 babies, Nurse Lucy Letby has been released on bail. The shocking, yet devastating news of an overly high number of babies death in the Countess of Chester Hospital has still not come to a verdict.


Lucy Letby, 28, qualified as a children’s nurse after working as as student nurse for 3 years. Her day to day work requires her to work and care for fragile babies who have various needs. However, after a shockingly high amount of deaths in 1 year, an investigation on Lucy Letby pursued as she is now being accused of the criminal act of murder. As well as this, police are also investigating 15 other non-fatal collapses of babies under her watch.


Although out on bail, her investigation will continue. Police were seen at her house a mile away from the hospital, digging and searching her house for any clues or evidence for the investigation. Parents of all babies involved are being kept in the loop at every stage. Cheshire Police have also stated that specially trained officials will be alongside the parents supporting them throughout this.




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