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Oakland based singer-songwriter duo The Match have just released their debut single named “Art Addict”.


The song is at the crossroads between soul, jazz, neo-soul, folk, and is the band introduction to the world, and the way they see it. With this first release, they express their self-acceptance of their statute of artists, who have an inherent undeniable drive to create.


“Art Addict” contain melodies are throwbacks to the 1990s R&B feel good moments. The pair invites the listeners into their atmosphere of appreciation and limitless possibilities.


The Match is a band composed of Shilpa Shah and Pierre Carrillo, who met in 2011 and haven’t stopped making music ever since. They create a unique blend of soul, jazz, folk, and funk reminiscent of musical roots stemming from hybrid cultural experiences and celebrating diversity of thought. With their songwriting, they explore dualistic themes of everyday life.


In their music, the melodies pay tribute to Indian classical ragas from ancestral ties while embracing American individuality. Additionally, their guitar solos and musical composition reveal a story of Mexican, Native American, and French Canadian yesterdays filled with adventure, grit, and passion.


According to The Match, “Art Addict is our introduction to the world. In this track, we express our self acceptance of the inherent – that we are artists, and we have an undeniable drive to create. With melodic throwbacks to 90’s R&B feel good moments, steady build and relaxed guitar leads, we invite our listeners into our atmosphere of appreciation and limitless possibilities“.


You can listen to the track right here:




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