Obongjayar – Adjacent Heart | New Music


London-living Nigerian musician Obongjayar is clearly going from strength to strength in his music. But with a relatively long absence since his most recent body of work, the incredible Bassey EP, he returns to the fold with a brand new single.


His newest release comes in the form of “Adjacent Heart” and it’s the by-product of bringing the worlds of spoken word, soul and rap together like it was meant to be. A free-flowing jazz canvas typifies the track, laced with an urban serenity which ties it together in a three and a half minute package. It’s not clear whether this will feature on a larger project, but hopefully it means there’s more where this came from.


Having spent time working with Richard Russell on the Everything Is Recorded project, organising his Sugarcane Club night with Yussef Dayes and working with other esteemed artists like Kojey Radical, he’s now back to concentrating on his main project – music.




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