Océane Returns With New Single ‘Petty Black Girl Dreams’

Océane has just dropped her brand new single “Petty Black Girl Dreams” which is the latest song of her Th3 Curs3 of Und3rstanding music collection.

Since the beginning of 2021, Océane has been releasing different songs from this collection creating a song solar system in which each song focuses on a specific dilemma surrounding world experiences.

“Petty Black Girl Dreams” will be accompanied by a visual poem exert, a short film and a music video that will be release in July. Furthermore, “Petty Black Girl Dreams” will have its follow-up which is also the fourth song of the collection “Struck By”.

This new single is about the freedom the singer is craving to love herself as well as her romantic partners in her life, despite the societal stereotypes of black women in love. Océane sings on a slow and soft melody that is taking you someplace else.

Océane is a rising Junior at New York University where she is studying recorded music at the Clive Davis Institute. She is a Chicago native and her original pieces have been featured by the Goodman theater, the Chicago Humanities Festival as well as the Lyric Opera Chicago.

Océane is a singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and performer. She has been influenced by artists such as Nina Simone, Radiohead and Bjork.

She continues to pull inspiration from global influences to create art that reflects the times while also creating a community of multidisciplinary artists who are working towards the goal of inspiring change through courageous artwork.

Listen to Océane’s latest single “Petty Black Girl Dreams” here:


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