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Sydney singer-songwriter Odette burst on to the scene last year with her stand-out debut single, “Watch Me Read You“. The song resonated strongly with its poetice elements and charted well as a breakout in her Australia homeland. Now with her debut album To A Stranger on the horizon, she unveils her next single “Take It To The Heart“.


The new single follows Odette’s captivating debut single as well as the ethereal “Collide“. It’s an mid-tempo number that feels ultimately more like a call to action than another catchy pop tune, driven by a powerful grand piano and finished off with rhythmic claps and low-lying kicks. But behind the unpretentious grandeur, there’s a message not to be missed.


Odette explains: “Take It To The Heart is my revenge song. I think everyone should have one. It’s not so much revenge in the sense that you will for or enact pain on another person, more so you realise that through your own personal growth they can never hurt you again. It’s one of the only songs I’ve written which is solely about feeling powerful again.”


Odette is a melting pot of culture and influences. Her astute and worldly-wise songwriting belying her youth, like a true poet, the 20 year old’d future is incredibly bright.




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