Ofcom Finds TV Viewers Disatisfied With Programming In 2015 | TV News

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The annual Ofcom report into viewer satisfaction doesn’t make good reading for TV makers. The study found 30% of adults believed TV had worsened in 2015. The cause of this disappointment was said to be a lack of variety in the programmes that are made, more repeats than ever before and a general lack of quality across all broadcasters.


A mere 17% felt there was an improvement in TV last year and reflects a trend in the decline of TV since 2008 when Ofcom found similarly poor results.


A fifth of people where offended by something on TV last year with sexual content, violence and bad language being some of the biggest offenders. However Newspapers remain the most intrusive medium for both celebrities and common people. This has been the way since 2014 with TV coming in second.




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