OK Go – The One Moment | Music Video



OK Go have done it again, they have blown everyone’s mind with their latest music video once again. The video for “The One Moment” was shot in 4.02 seconds and slowed down in order to perfectly match the song, which is a new level for the American rock band.


From perfectly synchronised treadmill dances to no gravity in an airplane, OK Go have always put so much effort in their videos just as much as they do in their songs and this time they outdid themselves.


The video was directed by the OK Go singer, Damian Kulash, which talked about having to slow down clips by 20,000 percent, as well as spreadsheets with each millisecond written down. These colorful, magical video was time consuming but the end result was great, with ballons and guitars exploding, random coloured water spraying everywhere.


They did it again, and thanks to the Internet we can press replay a thousand times to relive the magic of OK Go.




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