OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out | Music Video

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OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out | Music Video



OK Go‘s new zero gravity music video would do well as a promo for an airline company. The introduction to the video states: “What you are about to see is real. We shot this in zero gravity, in an actual plane, in the sky. There are no wires of green screen”. The video, for song “Upside Down & Inside Out”, is colourful, fun, and hard to look away from!


There are backflips, splits in mid-air, paint released from balloons, smashed piñatas, and each movement looks as smooth as a ballet dancer’s. Once it’s all over, the band return to their seats panting and covered in paint. The video has already garnered close to nine million views in eight hours (as of writing)!


The exciting new video can be watched on Facebook here.



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