Olawumi – My Fault | New Music


Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Olawumi is incredibly pensive and personal in her latest offering to the world entitled “My Fault“. Released in celebration of her birthday, It’s the first record that she’s released in nearly a year and serves as the intro to moody, a new EP that is set to drop later this year.


“My Fault” is a brief replay of a conversation had with an ex before they parted ways. She laments on his lack of effort and the sour taste the relationship left. Tired of being ‘always in the wrong’, she’s leaving, off to do better and that’s definitely not “her fault”. Producer Blkyth and Olawumi have come together to produce a sweet Trap Soul vibe that may have you in your feels but will definitely have you fiending for more.


Inspired by greats like Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, and Faith Evans, this songstress is striving to make major moves with her music with the same authenticity and soul that easily captivates listeners of the aforementioned artists. Have a listen to “My Fault” below.





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