Older Stars Returning To Iconic Roles To Recreate Former Glory? | Film News


Recently it has become a reoccurring theme to witness the reprisals of such great characters on screen once again with Han Solo, Terminator and Ripley returning back onto the silver screen after a long absence. These iconic characters are portrayed on screen by movie stars who are trying to recreate the former glory of their past. With new roles drying up for older actors in the modern film industry; ageing stars such as Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sigourney Weaver are left with no other alternative but to return back in time.


The present movie industry is changing and younger actors are in much more demand from top Hollywood studios, whereas the older actors are not. The older stars have nothing new to offer to new franchises but seem out of touch with the modern cinema climate, therefore are forced to retreat back to old family favourites in order to remain relevant in 21st century film culture. This has a negative effect on Hollywood as many older stars lack the innovation to reinvent themselves for a younger audience. Older stars want to help preserve and maintain star personas which have lasted over several decades and do not wish to interfere or sabotage the legacy and influence they have left on screen therefore are reluctant to change their ways.


As more and more sequels are created, older stars will continue to be trapped in a constant cycle of repetition and will not be able to connect with a new generation of cinema goers. The younger cinema goers are now seeking new fresh faces like Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson who are able to generate a new breathe of excitement and enthusiasm in the film industry, however on the contrary, the old stars seem to lack the ability to really engage themselves with this new type of audience.



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