Oliver Stone’s Thriller ‘Snowden’ Scheduled For May 2016 | Film News

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Oliver Stone’s Thriller ‘Snowden’ Scheduled For May 2016 | Film News



Veteran American filmmaker Oliver Stone is scheduled to deliver a new intense political thriller onto our cinema screens very soon. The subject matter regarding Oliver Stone’s new film is based upon the NSA Surveillance leaks surrounding whistleblower Edward Snowden and how he soon became the most wanted fugitive in America.


The release of this new film could be seen as controversial and politically motivated depending on how Snowden is depicted in the movie, however with the liberal minded Stone directing the film their is no doubt in people’s mind that he will approach the movie differently to the more mainstream anti-Snowden agenda which features so prominently in the U.S media.


The cast for Snowden includes a small list of established actors with Joseph Gordon Levitt as Edward Snowden and Zachary Quinto as Glenn Greenwald as well as featuring other high profile stars such as Nicholas Cage, Scott Eastwood and Melissa Cleo. The principle photography for Snowden started on February 16, 2015 in Munich, Germany. The filming then continued in Hawaii on April 15 until April 18 2015 and in Hong Kong it ended in mid May. The release date for the film was originally designated as December 2015 but was later postponed to May 13, 2016.



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