Olivia Wilde To Direct 1950s Psychological Thriller ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ | Film News


Just last week it was announced that Booksmart duo Olivia Wilde and Katie Silberman would be re-teaming for an untitled holiday comedy. Cinephiles around the world rejoiced. Booksmart may not have made a box office killing, but had clearly turned heads in Hollywood. However it may have turned more heads than we thought, as Wilde now has another project in the works.


This one isn’t a comedy. She will produce and direct a 1950s psychological thriller titled Don’t Worry Darling. The project is reportedly the hottest of hot properties – at least a dozen offers from studios and streaming services are on the table right now to land the rights to the film. Wilde will likely choose her destination by the end of the week.


All we really know about the film right now is that it follows a 1950s housewife whose reality begins to crack, slowly revealing a disturbing truth underneath. It’s been described as a thriller for the #MeToo era. The Silence writers Shane and Cary Van Dyke have penned the script, but Wilde plans for her Booksmart buddy Silberman to do a total rewrite.


This is fantastic news. Not only has Booksmart led to Wilde deservedly getting another crack at helming another comedy, but she’s already getting the chance to switch genres. Both are original films too.


Too often in Hollywood, great films aren’t rewarded with either box office success or more opportunities for the directors. Wilde may not have had as much of the former as she’d have liked, but she’s rightly getting plenty of the latter.


We’ll wait and see which studio lands Don’t Worry Darling. Attention will then turn to who Wilde will bring on board to star. Actors will no doubt be lining up for an opportunity.



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