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Olympians are gearing up for the release of their lastest EP Dance Like Everybody’s Watching And They Hate You. To be released via Barely Regal Records on Monday 23, the band are currently streaming all eight tracks of the EP, for those eager to listen. Shortly after the release of their EP, Olympians will be off on a European tour with the band Theo, dates for which will be down below, listen to their Dance Like Everybody’s Watching And They Hate You EP in full here.


In a conversation with Musical Mathematics, the band had this to say about the EP, “we suddenly forgot to be really bad at actually getting round to making music and so by default accidentally got really good at actually doing it and wrote about 20 songs of varying quality. This collection of eight songs are the melty synth ones of the bunch, and mostly the earlier ones we wrote, and sort of thematically floated away from the rest to become their own little thing. There will be a real full-length album soon. At the moment it’s a lot more sad and angry and loud”.



Olympians 2015 European tour dates:


March 2015

27 – Lille, France


April 2015

01 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

02 – Potsdam, Germany

03 – Prague, Czech Republic

04 – Lausanne, Switzerland

06 – Porrentruy, Switzerland

07 – Milan, Italy

08 – Turin, Italy

09 – Paris, France

10 – Brussels, Belgium

11 – London, UK



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