Omarion – BDY On Me | Music Video


The last two years have been pretty good for the former B2K singer, Omarion. With “Post 2 Be”, featuring Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown, rocketing 503M views at current and going platinum 3x; the RNB singer has made every effort to be consistent with delivering great music that gets us singing and dancing whatever time of day.


Today I bring to you his latest single, “BDY On Me”, off of his forthcoming album, Reasons, and I can tell you now there is no reason to dislike it. If you follow Omarion on social media you will know a few of the videos that will be accompanying his singles off of his new album were shot in Cape Town, South Africa. Therefore we can enjoy an alternative view of Africa, O and his smooth vocals.


The video is primarily set in a loft apartment where O, his friends and some women, are dancing; laying in bubble baths and all the other cool stuff you do at loft parties. Then there’s a solo scene where O is dancing on a beautiful terrain with a view of the sea and the sun setting. Bliss.


I personally never slept on Omarion and remained a fan of his since he departed B2K hence, I am glad to see that he is finally getting a little more recognition for his talents. Although this will be my tenth time watching the video, let’s enjoy it:




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