One Acen – Psychic | Music Video

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Cheeky chap One Acen has made a great impression on the scene with the single “Hold Tight” released around October last year on Link Up TV and “Famous” which featured CallMeTheKidd and Olami Still. Now he’s back at it again with another banger he’s entitled “Psychic” The music video shows One Acen using his charm to try to woo model Naomi Kaji but by the end of the tune, his efforts are for nought as she swans off with his best friend, played by rapper Olami Still.


The beat to the song mirrors the impending summer and the tune itself is one to be played and danced to whilst the sun is out – One Acen himself even shows off his slick moonwalk and Michael Jackson crotch grab. His lyrical ability is undeniable and one Acen is definitely making his stamp on UK Hip-Hop.


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